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Home for me is: NYC, by way of Philly

Most passionate about: LGBT work that explores sexual identity and shame, expands representation, and breaks down stigma

Things that inspire me: Tennessee Williams, The Wizard of Oz, Harvey Milk, Queer History

I love: froyo, parks, yoga, and crazy extra costumes

Favorite TV Shows: InsecureSchitt's Creek, Looking, GirlsThe Handmaids TaleBroad City

Favorite RuPaul Queens: Sasha Valour, Monet X Change, Miz Cracker, Alaska, Shangela

Dream Roles: Louis in Angels in America, Jeff in Which Way to the Stage, Seymour in Little Shop, and literally anything by Nicky Silver

If I could direct a revival right now it would be: a queer production of The Crucible, Midsummer, or Grease



I am an NYC-based actor, writer, director, and drag queen (Pink Pancake). I am an LGBT activist, and strive to create and perform in work that inspires social change, promotes acceptance, and explores sexual identity and shame. Creator of Interested In Series. Season 1 official selection at 9 film festivals, including Frameline. Season 2 premieres Sept 15 on YouTube and was the recepient of a 2022 NYC Women's Fund Grant. As a drag queen, Michael has performed with Susanne Bartsch and won numerous drag competitions across NYC. SDCF Observer to Joe Calarco. BA in Theatre, Muhlenberg College. Hangar Theater Lab Director 2015. Queen Mary, University of London 2013. Kennedy Center Award: Direction of Out Loud

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